Engagement Ring Advice

There may be no symbol or gift as significant as an engagement ring. Because of this, we suggest that you purchase your engagement ring from a trusted source after having personally viewed it.

While some companies sell diamonds and diamond rings online, and it can be tempting to buy based upon price alone, buying diamonds is a bit unlike most other things.

Diamond Quality

Diamonds with the exact same grade can appear quite different. The position of any inclusions in diamonds with the same grade can affect the overall beauty of the stones. That’s why it’s best to view the stones yourself with the help of an expert.

Also, be aware that diamond certifications are not perfect. Different labs have different standards for grading, and a grade is one person’s opinion (yes, actual people, not machines, still inspect and grade diamonds). When a diamond has a clarity or cut grade that is borderline, the person doing the examination has to make a judgement. Those judgements affect the price of the diamond. We work with a limited number of diamond and engagement ring suppliers, so that we’re sure to provide you with a product to be proud of. RE2327 Solitare Diamond engagement ring by Max Strauss in white gold

Searching online can help you narrow down the style of rings you find most appealing, be it a striking solitaire or an elaborately detailed designed. However, ultimately there is no substitute for working with a local jeweller. We’ll help you leave with a ring that exceeds your expectations and creates a smile that lasts.

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RE2439 halo diamond engagement right by Max Strauss in white gold